About Us

About Us

Quine is one of the most recognized publishers of content for the updating and growth of the professional figures it addresses and is part of the LSWR Group.

Quine promotes and defends environmental sustainability, innovation and technological development in the sectors of interest.

The company has concentrated its activities on the dissemination of technical-professional knowledge, seeking authority, important partnerships and rigor in technical content and leadership in updating, with an offer that is as complete as it is multifaceted.

The recent acquisitions of the Publishing Branch of Fiera Milano Media and DEI Tipografia del Genio Civile have helped to consolidate Quine's role as a cultural reference in the fields of engineering, construction and food.

LSWR Group promotes and is a reference of competent, credible and always up-to-date knowledge for all professionals working in the medical, legal and technical fields.
The publishing brands Edra, Tribuna, Foro Italiano, Gruppo Asis, Maxillaris are part of LSWR Group.


Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero-Casearia

It is the reference magazine for scientific, technical and professional updating of the dairy sector operator. It is the reference magazine for scientific, technical and professional updating of the dairy sector operator. For over 50 years, Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero-Casearia has been recognized for a high scientific value thanks to the high profile of the articles, guaranteed by an editorial board that ensures rigorous referees and quality of the contents. Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero-Casearia is the ideal tool for the company to communicate, establish and maintain continuous contact with its target.
It is the best vehicle for:
• maximize the visibility of your brand and remember the brand;
• launch a new product with advertising and special initiatives;
• promote culture and knowledge on the most topical topics

Produzione & Igiene Alimenti

The official magazine of the National Order of Food Technologists assumes an authoritative and competent role in the service of safety and control of food production. Produzione & Igiene Alimenti stands as a reference magazine for the food industry. The publication offers technological and scientific columns and articles signed by experts in the sector to provide operators with professional updates and information on: technologies and food production, safety and control of the production and distribution chain, without neglecting the economic and environmental sustainability aspects. News and market columns complete the contents with interviews with the protagonists and in-depth inquiries. Each issue features a thematic focus.

Alimenti News

The portal and the weekly newsletter of information and professional updating for the food industry and operators.
Current affairs, legislation and technology, so as not to miss the news of the sector.